Why holistic care for your pet?

Many pet owners are wanting to help ease their pets’ ailments, seeking more holistic ways to support their pet’s health. Today many pets are suffering from health conditions similar to that as humans, ranging from stress and anxiety to digestive and immune disorders. As humans and pet owners, seeing our pets healthy, happy and thriving is our ultimate goal.

Conventional medicine plays a role in your animal’s health, but many owners are looking for more holistic ways to support their pets through their health issues, in less invasive ways with minimal side effects and chemical overload to their bodies. If you are feeling frustrated and that you aren’t getting anywhere with healing your animals, then considering an holistic approach to your animals health may be the right choice for you.

Our lead therapist Roz is qualified in multiple natural therapy modalities and you will receive professional and expert care and advice on Naturopathic and Homeopathic treatments for your pet. Roz’s goal is to help ALL animals reach their optimal health and wellbeing through natural, supportive approaches that consider the WHOLE dog (physical and emotional wellbeing).

Common conditions that Roz treats are:
  • Itchy skin and hotspots

  • Allergies and yeast infections

  • Chronic ear and eye infections

  • Digestive issues

  • Immune dysfunction

  • Stress and Anxiety conditions

  • Arthritis and other joint problems

  • General low energy and poor health

What to expect in your first natural medicine consultation: 

Our qualified animal natural therapist Dr Roz Rowen  will work with you to take a thorough health history of your pet, assess their current emotional wellbeing and dietary needs, observe your dog or cat in their home environment and then formulate a treatment plan including a recommended diet, herbal medicines, natural supplements and any other natural remedies that may be required. Roz will step you through everything he does and welcomes questions by her clients.

These products and treatments are prescribed and dispensed at the time of consultation at an additional cost. 


Advice can also be given at this time regarding natural treatments for fleas, ticks and natural worming/heartworm options along with alternatives to conventional vaccinations.

Ongoing care/follow-up visits:

Subsequent follow up visits are assessed and recommended on a case by case basis. Roz will regularly reassess current treatment regimens to see if modifications are required. 

Existing clients are able to email or phone between appointments with any questions they may have with the current treatment plans for their dogs. 

If you require repeat medicines/supplements outside of your normal appointment time we will happily post these out to you at the standard Australia Post postage rate or deliver to the Darwin and Palmerston region. 


Canine Bodywork consultations​:

During your initial consultation Roz will assess your dog's current wellbeing. She will work with your dog on areas of discomfort to relieve pain and increase movement to the area. When Roz works on your animal she allows them to chose to be treated, no force is used in these sessions as Roz believes in building trust with animals and allowing them to guide their healing. When animals are part of the treatment and have choice on how they are touched and handled, we see amazing results.

Follow-up sessions are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

If your dog suffers from chronic joint or muscular disorders, veterinary clearance to treat your animal may be requested.

To support your dog's healing natural remedies may be prescribed and dispensed after the session.


Holistic Animal Therapist