Silica has traditionally been used for the relief of symptoms associated with frequent and recurrent illnesses that occur because of a weakened immune system.  These include frequent colds, flu and chronic ear infections (especially those with a thick, yellow discharge or fluid in the middle ear.  It may also be helpful for earache, skin conditions such as boils, ingrown hairs and abscesses, wounds that suppurate and are slow to heal and it may also be helpful for the ill effects of vaccination.  It may help accelerate the expulsion of foreign bodies, such as splinters and bits of embedded glass.  For this reason, care should be taken if the individual has artificial implants. It also has an affinity for conditions associated with nerves, glands and tubes in the body such as those of the ears and eyes.


Silica may also be helpful for your pet in expelling foreign material from the body such as thorns, splinters or grass seeds.  It may be effective in removing some of the impact of vaccinations and may be beneficial for your pet if they do suffer with a lot of skin issues that began after vaccination, they don’t heal easily and there may be skin eruptions that get infected with recurrent abscesses and persistent itching.  Silica may also be helpful for infected anal glands – use Hepar Sulph, followed by Silica.  These animals can appear delicate and weak and sensitive to noise, light and cold.


Homeopathic Remedies are non-toxic and gentle. They are easy to use, easy to give to your pet and very handy to have at home for minor or acute health problems. Very few serious or long-term side effects have been documented.


How does Homeopathy work?


Homeopathy is based on ‘like cures like’. The remedy contains very diluted quantities of plant, animal or mineral substances that are refined and transformed into remedies with remarkable restorative properties. The remedy contains the “energy” of the substance and this stimulates the body’s own natural healing forces to alleviate the symptoms and bring about a return to health.


Homeopathic principles should be applied when using this remedy. Always read the product label. If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner or vet promptly. 

Silicia 30c


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